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  1. Download: free
    Website: pinshape
     Tags  Delta Rocket - RC Glider or EDF Jet by George Papa
  2. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
    Folding EDF adapter for RC mini gliders (27mm EDF...
  3. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
    DW Rainbow flying wing replacement parts EDF vers...
  4. Download: free
    Website: pinshape
     Tags  120mm ELectric Ducted Fan by Stephen Jarrell
  5. Download: free
    Website: MyMiniFactory
     Tags  3D Printable Talon V1 EDF Flange Mounts by K.C. ...
  6. Download: free
    Website: GrabCad
     Tags  EDF thrust test bench for 3D printing - SOLIDWORKS
  7. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
     Tags  Excelsior Delta - Tilt-rotor EDF tricopter
  8. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
     Tags  Dr Devil Predator UAV possible RC v1
  9. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
  10. Download: free
    Website: pinshape
     Tags  Dr Devil Predator UAV possible RC v1 by Dr Devil

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Most popular edf 3D Models
  1. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
    F-16 Nozzle Scale 1/10 for Freewing F-16 90mm EDF
  2. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
     Tags  Dr Devil Predator UAV possible RC v1
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