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Terms Of Use

The website "" (hereinafter "yeggi") is a search engine to find 3D models for the creation of three-dimensional objects (3D printing). Please read this user agreement carefully. By using the search engine yeggi, you agree to the Terms of Use.

1. Scope of Services
At the website "" yeggi provides a platform for searching for printable 3D models. The presented content at yeggi is provided by other websites. yeggi is therefore not the owner or provider of the content. yeggi only provides the access to the reference of the content and 3D models. You agree that yeggi temporarily disrupt or adjust services for the reason of maintenance and repair.

2. Third Party Content
This website contains links to other websites or content, and may contain links to other websites and content like third party advertising. This content is not under the control of yeggi. yeggi is not responsible for the content or resulting damage from the use of this content.

3. Responsibility of yeggi
yeggi is not liable for damages, lost profits or other direct, indirect and consequential damages resulting from the use of this website for you, unless it was due to the negligence of yeggi. yeggi is not responsible for the content provided by other websites and furthermore not responsible for the accuracy of the content or function. yeggi is under no obligation to secure the contents or to make it accessible at any time. Moreover yeggi has the right to delete contents without stating a reason. yeggi reserves the right to remove any content that violate rights of third parties or statutory provisions and the dissemination is prohibited. yeggi shall not be liable for any damages or losses that may result from a disruption of service.

4. Changes to the Terms and Conditions
Changes may be possible and will be published on this site

5. Contact yeggi
Via the contact form you can always contact us.

6. Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction is Leipzig / Germany

As of 03/2013

© yeggi

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