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  1. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
    more  Tags  Truncated Icosahedron - Buckyball (Buckminsterful...
  2. Download: free
    Likes: 4
    Website: GrabCad
    more  Tags  Form 1 Maximum Build Volume Structure - STL, Other
  3. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
    more Dymaxion S RepRap 3D Printer
  4. Download: free
    Website: GrabCad
    more  Tags  Mouse vented (a new look) - Autodesk Inventor
  5. Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse
    more  Tags  Mine Cart for LEGO Train scale to Minecraft toy S...
  6. Download: free
    Website: shapeways
    more Small 3d Hex Based Snowflake
  7. Download: free
    Website: my mini factory
    more Tree Of Life by Simon Fuller

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