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  1. Download: free
    Website: my mini factory
    Le Cabotin at The Petit Palais, Paris by Scan Th...
  2. Download: free
    Website: 3Dmag
     Tags  Catholic Church 3d model - download stl file
  3. Download: free
    Website: Sketchfab
    Catholic Church by bwade - download 3D model -
  4. Download: free
    Website: 3D upndown
    Sioux Falls Cathedral - South Dakota...
  5. Download: free
    Website: La Poste
     Tags  3D printing Sioux Falls Cathedral - South Dakota,...

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Most popular catholic 3D Models
  1. Download: for sale
    Website: cgtrader
     Tags  Scanned Virgin Mary holding the Christ Statue OB...
  2. Download: free
    Website: my mini factory
    Mary, Queen of Scots at the Jardin du Luxembourg,...
  3. Download: free
    Website: my mini factory
    St Peter at The V&A, London by Scan The World
  4. Download: free
    Website: my mini factory
    King James II at The Tate Britain, London by Sca...
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